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Special 25th Staff Anniversary

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Candy Mangioni

Candy started at PWAC on March 19, 1999. Two of her sisters were employed here at the time, and they encouraged her to apply for an open position, knowing she would enjoy the job. Today, Candy is a Direct Support Professional, meaning that she works directly with our employees with disabilities to help them develop skills, learn new tasks, and complete production jobs for PWAC's company partnerships with businesses like Cook Medical, Butler Technologies, Sloan Lubrication Systems, and others.

We asked Candy the following questions about her 25 years at PWAC. See what she had to say!

What is your favorite thing(s) about working for PWAC?

'It has been an honor working with the employees and learning new things from them. They have taught me humility and a sense of self-worth. Their loyalty and relentless hard work and fierce dedication to PWAC and each other has made my job so rewarding. I also enjoy the times we get together, dances and parties where they let loose with no fear of being themselves. It is truly inspiring and gratifying."


Any favorite PWAC memories from over the years?

"There are so many in 25 years and I could have a fond memory about each and every employee I have worked with. What stands out most is the pride and satisfaction they have when they learn a new task and accomplish it and the pride they feel in a job completed and done well."

Any family you’d like to mention:

"My 4 children: Felicia Bosman (and her husband Josh Smith), Ben Ryan, Alicia Bosman (and her children Preston and Lilyana), and Deana Ryan Slagle (and her husband Jason, and their children, Jacob, Meranda, and Evan), and of course my 3 grand-dogs (Chesney, Alfie, Cheeto) and 3 grand-cats (Kitty, Nala, and Ruby)."



"Reading mysteries, crafts, making various season wreaths, baking when I have the time, revitalizing old furniture, mostly stuff I have, and my favorite is my grandkids and Chesney."


Anything else you’d like to say?

"I’ve been honored and humbled working for PWAC and with the amazing employees I have gotten to teach jobs to and those I helped to move toward SGE, and many started in the rooms. The staff have been an added bonus; the many who enjoy this job and being there for the employees. Terri who has been a part of PWAC for as long as I have has been one of the best additions in work and play and Cheri has really captured a lot of hearts…a wonderful asset. Our staff works hard to ensure quality and quantity and a sense of unity with trainees."

Congratulations to Candy! Thank you for your incredible 25 years of service!

Big News!

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