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...and what we do.

Our mission is to provide a safe, positive, and nurturing environment to enable individuals to develop skills and behaviors to become independent, employable, and integral members of their communities so they can achieve everyday lives with purpose and freedom of choice as they move toward jobs. 
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At PWAC, our ultimate goal is to help our clients and employees develop the attitudes, behaviors, and skill sets to secure and maintain community employment. We have found that the best way to accomplish that is to form partnerships with local, supportive individuals and businesses; therefore, our mission becomes two-fold. We best serve the individuals enrolled in our programs by also serving the communities around us.

What does that mean? We believe that community participation is an important component in developing various skill sets, but we also find it to be a valuable element of everyday life. That is why we not only provide programming for our clients and employees internally, but we also work to form partnerships with external businesses and organizations to provide more opportunities for our individuals to learn on-the-job in real work settings.

Our Small Group Employment, Pre-Vocational, and Supported Employment programs all include a degree of internal coaching and staff supervision, but most of the learning and development we see in our clients and trainees is due to the hands-on nature of the work provided to us by our external partners. We offer essential lawn, cleaning, and document destruction services to those in our communities, we provide businesses with additional manpower to complete important projects more efficiently, and we prepare our employees for integrated community employment where they work independently at local businesses including restaurants, daycares, banks, and others.

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By working with us, our partners benefit from the dedication and work ethic of our employees with disabilities, but these partnerships also allow our clients and employees to build their skills and gain experience with new job tasks and work environments as they learn to navigate the responsibilities and expectations of community employment.

Production of this video was made possible by a grant from the Armstrong County Community Foundation.


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